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Bürkert is not only a developer of fluidic solutions, but also an expert in mechanicalproduction, pump technology, coil production, plastics technologyand welding technology.

They are also tool-makers, hardware and software developers, switch/plant engineers, project managers and much more. Furthermore, they handle all issues relating to worldwide certification. Providing customer-specific services not only means developing bespoke products, but also covering the associated production and logistics processes. The fact alone that you do not need to work with different subcontractors on the project delivers significant time-savings and reduces the number of interfaces substantially.

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Process and Control Valves
  • Electromotive Valves
  • Pneumatics and Process Interfaces
  • Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers
  • Microfluidic Valves and Pumps
  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Solenoid Control Valves
  • Filtration Modules
  • Additional Products

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