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CMA seminars

Advanced Safety in Hydraulic Systems

DESCRIPTION: Welcome to our cutting-edge Advanced Safety in Hydraulic Systems, tailored for the marine, industry, and energy automation sectors. Our comprehensive solutions prioritize safety without compromising efficiency. With state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing, we ensure that your hydraulic systems meet the highest safety standards, safeguarding both personnel and equipment. From advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities to robust fail-safe mechanisms, our systems are engineered to mitigate risks and enhance operational reliability. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions that optimize performance while prioritizing safety in the most demanding environments.

Seminar Duration: 8 HOURS (1 day)

PLACE: CMA training room


  • Introduction, CMA presentation, reference to the PPE/SDS safety clothing standard
  • Site safety rules, site preparation before and after work
  • Safety while working on the hydraulic operating system
  • Capital day queries, correct and safe way of using tools
  • Evaluation test

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