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We specialize in the Industrial Automation meeting all our customer needs across the globe since 1987, having a wide range of automation products. We are exclusive official distributors and partners with the largest companies in the field of Industrial Automation. CMA has the appropriate infrastructure, specialized personnel, the necessary equipment and the construction expertise in temperature sensors, level switches as well as in automation system panels.

Having undertaken numerous projects in the private and public sector, our company is considered to be a leader in the Greek and Global industrial market the past years. With our business growth plan for the following years we invest in new opportunities in the Market making new partners and thus, meeting all needs of the upcoming flow of Industry 4.


Our activities and projects, among others, include the following:


  • Temperature Sensors
    Temperature Sensors measure the amount of heat energy or even coldness that is generated by an objector system, allowing us to “sense” or detect any physical change to that temperature producing either an analogue or digital output.
    We manufacture Industrial Temperature Sensors such as Temperature Resistance Elements (PT100, PT 500, etc.…) and Thermocouples (K, J, L, R, S, B, etc..). We construct according to the dimensions and the specifications of each application.
  • Level Switches
    A level switch is a sensor that detects the presence of liquids, powder, or granulated materials at a specific location (It is also referred to as level sensor).
    We manufacture Industrial Type Level Switches magnetic driven float type. We can install one or more than one level alarm points (Low, High, High-High, etc. …) with DPDT contact output.
  • Automation Control System Panels
  • Control systems for measuring pressure, temperature, level, speed, current, etc…
  • Automation systems for control and protection of generators, diesel engines and steam turbines
  • Boiler regulation and control systems
  • Explosive and Toxic gas control systems
  • Supervising control systems, data acquisition and analysis (SCADA, HMI..), Logical controllers (PLC)


Our electronics’ laboratory allocates excellent equipment and specialized staff for technical support and repair of electrical automation systems.


Calibration laboratory for temperatures, pressure and industrial signals.


  • Installation of automation instruments and systems
  • Control settings, calibration and putting into operation
  • Electrical Installations


  • Maintenance of automation instruments and systems
  • Maintenance of mechanical equipment, control valves, pumps, etc..