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CMA D.ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A. specializes in products with applications in all sectors of energy sources, offering advanced solutions and making a great impact in the Greek Market.

Renewable energy is a clear winner when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs. Renewable energy is no longer a niche fuel. Wind, Solar and other clean, renewable energy will help end our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the severe threat that climate change poses to humans and wildlife alike. For this reason, our company accomplish several GREEN projects offering our expertise and continuous training into the GREEN ENERGY.

Yangzhou TEISON New Energy Co., Ltd

Announcing our new partnership with Yangzhou TEISON New Energy Co., Ltd our company plays an important role in the fast developing domain of electric vehicle charging products. We represent in Greece and Cyprus the leading company in the industry of developing advanced OCPP AC charging stations. We are committed to offer high-quality, high-performance and cost-effective charging stations. We have the clientele and the necessary solutions to easily meet all challenges of the rapidly evolving technology environment.

Solar Energy

In the processes that transforms Solar Energy into district heating and electricity, we contribute by isolating signals as well as by converting analogue and digital signals. See below some solutions of the tasks performed by our team at solar heating plants and solar power plants.

  • Photovoltaic solar power plants
    Readout of wind speed and control of the solar trackers with displays. Measurement of oil temperature in the primary circuit and water temperature in the secondary circuit with 2-wire transmitters and thermocouples (manufactured by CMA)
  • Solar heating plants
    Measurement of water temperature in solar heat collectors and water tank with temperature sensors (manufactured by CMA) and 2-wire transmitters, Isolation of temperature signals.
  • PVSA solar inverters
  • Reverse power controller for PVSA
  • Advanced DC transducers for DC power calculation  

The need for reliable signal conditioning modules for wind power production increases steadily because wind turbines get bigger and are increasingly placed at sea.

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Here are some examples of how CMA is contributing in keeping the wind turbines fit.

  • Conversion f / I and I / f
    f/I conversion of pulse signals from anemometer with f/I-f/f converters
    I/f conversion of analogue signals from anemometer with I/f converters
  •  Signal isolation
    Signal isolation (generator etc.) with universal converters or isolators
  • Speed monitoring
    Speed monitoring (gear box etc.) with trip amplifiers
  • Pitch Control & Pitch Adjustment
    Pitch control of proportional valve with valve controllers. Pitch adjustment of wings with signal controllers
  • Stress measurement
    Stress measurement (wings and tower) with load cell amplifier
  • Temperature measurement
    Temperature measurement (oil in gear case and bearings) with temperature sensors (manufactured by CMA). Temperature measurement with transmitters during casting and hardening of wings.
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Hydroelectric Power

All over the world the forces of rivers transform into electricity, making Hydroelectric Power one of the most important source of Green Energy the past decades. Assisted by signal conditioning modules that contribute to the monitoring and control of water flow, pressure, temperature the measuring of the water level with level switches (manufactured by CMA) plays an important role for the site engineers. Our highly skilled engineers offer solutions and services all over Greece since the beginning of CMA as per below.

  • Turbine
    Start-up: Isolation and V-mA conversion of thyristor signals from soft starter with isolators
    Speed monitoring with f/I-f/f converters via inductive sensor in the turbine rotor
  • Turbine and generator
    Redundant temperature measurement with temperature sensors (manufactured by CMA) and signal calculator. (separate output for sensor error reaction and difference between two sensors). Readout and measurement of oil pressure bine. Local redundant readout and control of bearing oil temperature with displays
  • Water supply for turbine
    Readout of position of distributor with displays or universal transmitters.
  • Penstock
    Readout and monitoring of water pressure in the penstock with displays
  • LUMEL:
    PVSA solar inverters
    Reverse power controller for PVSA
    Advanced DC transducers for DC power calculation
    Digital meter for DC voltage