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We are pleased to announce that since October we have expanded the range of portable measurement equipment with new digital multimeters, an insulation tester and next generation clamp meters. They are the products of the highest quality in terms of durability, reliability and metrological parameters. 

Digital multimeters are equipped with many useful solutions to facilitate daily operation, which are e.g.:

  • backlit white color display for easy reading of measurements in low light conditions,
  • functions:  DATA HOLD (freezes the current measured value on display),
  • AUTO POWER OFF (automatic power off),
  • MIN / MAX (recording minimum and maximum measured values),
  • reinforced measuring leads to prevent their break.

Special design of multimeters and rubber housing cover protects them against damage, even in the event of a fall from height.

Depending on functions and features, there are 4 categories of products in our offer:
  • portable quality analizers NP40 type which allows for a detailed analysis of the power grid and displaying waveforms in real time on a color 5.6” TFT screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (find out more)
  • digital multimeters NP15 and NP10 types
    • NP15 True RMS – multimeter with wide measuring range is dedicated to measure and recording AC/DC current and voltage signals, temperature, conductance, freequency.  In order to secure multimeter from a damaging NP15 is additionally equipped with one common 16A safety fuse (find out more)
    • NP10 type multimetr is dedicated to measure AC/DC current and voltage signals, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature. NP10 is equipped with an analog scale (ruler), indicating negative values, thereby enabling observation of fluctuations around zero (find our more)

  • clamp meters of NC14 and NC12 types are products that combine the functions of a digital multimeter with a clamp meter.
    They are dedicated to measure:

    • NC14 – AC/DC current and voltage signals, active, reactive and apparent power, energy, harmonics up to 49th, phase angle, THD, DF measurement, crest factor (CF) and power factor /PF/ measurement (find out more)
    • NC12 – AC/DC current and voltage signals, capacitance, ohm & continuity, frequency and duty cycle, temperature (find out more)
Specially designed and patented design of the rotary clamps facilitates measurement in confined areas while maintaining full safety.
  • insulation tester of NT10 type is primarily designed to measure the insulation resistance up to 3GΩ and on top of that it can be used as a meter of: capacitance (30nF … 30μF), frequency (300Hz … 100kHz), duty cycle, temperature measurement (-200 … 800°C) (find out more).

All devices comply with safety standards  in accordance with PN-EN 61010-1  – 600V CAT IV / 1 000V CAT III.




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